Sylvia Rendon


Ethchings & Engravings
In the world of printing and print making, almost all methods fall under one of three basic headings; Relief, Planographic and Intaglio. The latter method, 'Intaglio' , is the collective term for the print making techniques that encompass engraving and etching.

Engraving as a printmaking method that was developed during the 15th century when metal plates began to replace the use of carved wooden printing blocks for the reproduction of works of art. A plate of soft metal is used, most often copper, and the design engraved (cut into) into the surface using a tool called a ''burin'' which is a square tool, a steel rod, sharpened diagonally at one end, in such a way that the prominent corner becomes an effective and controllable cutting edge.

We are looking for artists wanting to learn such art subjects, for this summer starting June ending September 2017 in a beautiful setting in Spain. Fees will include food, accommodation and art lessons in a (monthly package) so students will also be able to relax while learning new art forms. Just email for more details