Sylvia Rendon

About Sylvia

Sylvia Rendon 1960 Bogota Colombia

Sylvia Rendon's work celebrates diverse aspects of life on earth. One of her favourite subjects, the tree, is a wonderful example of the tensegrity of natural structures. Arising from a seed, water, earth, air and sunlight, a tree grows into an efficient and dynamic system with water and gases moving inside, allowing it to be both flexible and incredibly resilient, as it sways and adapts to shifting winds and earth, and lifts minerals—bits of stardust—and water from earth to sky. Sylvia's rainforest and other landscapes pay tribute to the beauty of trees and vegetation, and her other works reveal the diversity of her inspiration, with cityscapes and characters, animals and nudes. Sylvia now lives in London but much of her work is inspired by the landscapes of South America and the nightlife of Amsterdam.